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Software Passion Summit

I have just arrived in Gothenburg to speak at the Software Passion Summit conference. It is an interesting conference with a very “wide” selection of content, covering everything from testing to cloud and methodology to mobile as well as from JavaScript and C# to RegEx and Java.

I’m really looking forward to attending a bunch of the sessions, and I will try to add some of my comments here on the blog at the end of the day.

Personally, I am doing 2 talks, one about the Azure Service Bus, and one about streaming media. The presentations are VERY different, but I am looking forward to both. The Service Bus talk is neat as it covers features that I think will be very important in a lot of application I will be involved in in the the future, while the media one is cool as it allows me to show of some really neat streaming capabilities in just an hour. So the Service Bus one will be a lot of code and talk about distributed applications, while the media presentation will be a lot of cool demos on how to do Smooth Streaming both live and normal, as well as how to use Azure blob storage to do it…

I spent most of the train ride to Gothenburg going through my PowerPoint presentations and working through my demos. At one point, my dear laptop gave me quite a scare. It locked up completely, forcing me do a hard reset, and as it came back up, it just rebooted on its own. Those were some pretty scary minutes to be honest… I need to get a new laptop for work… I had preferred to run my new private laptop, but I wasn’t sure how smart it would be to try and get my streaming demos to work on a Windows 8 Consumer Preview machine. Felt better to use the old trusty Windows 7 machine from work, which apparently locks up once in a while… Wish me luck! Smile

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Comments (3) -

WS Sweden said:


You are having a session in SDC2012:
Track abstract - Mobile Computing - G1
Phone Zero to Phone Hero in 90 minutes

The abstract is in Swedish, Can you please tell in which language session will be Swedish or English?
I really hope it will be in English Frown


# March 19 2012, 12:59

ZeroKoll Sweden said:

Hi WS!
We will obviously do it in English if there are anyone in the room who aren't Swedish!
// Chris

# March 20 2012, 16:27

WS Sweden said:

Hi Chris,

Thank you very much for reply, then I will be there Smile

Best Regards

# March 20 2012, 16:29

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