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Code from my testing presentation

Last week, I had the honor of having been invited to present my thoughts on testing at a IT consultant agency here in Stockholm. And even if I looked forward to it, and felt privileged to be allowed to share my view with these other devs, I still felt a bit hesitant. I was still going to step in front of a bunch of devs and present a somewhat less glorifying view on testing than you normally get. Not that I am all against testing, definitely not, but I do have a somewhat looser view on what, when and how to test software than say for example you regular TDD guy…

Walking in to the presentation, I had material for about an hour of presenting, and hoped to maybe extend it to an hour and a half with discussions and debate (I did hope for a lot of discussion as it was really the goal of my presentation). However, it turned out that after an hour and a half, we had a break for food, and then I kept going a bit more. I think we ended the session after almost 3 hours, even though I think it could probably been longer if I had pushed my points a bit more to the extreme than I did.

All in all, I was REALLY pleased with the talk, and hope that I am allowed to present it again some time. Unfortunately, it is a bit too long for a regular session at a conference. And even if I did shave some of it off, I’m not sure the format works as a conference session. Though, some of the guys attending suggested that it might, and that I should just cut the parts where I talk about what I like about testing, and focusing on the parts I don’t…well…maybe I will grow a pair and send it in to some conferences in the future…

I also promised the guys (yes, they were all guys, no girls unfortunately) that I would give them the code I used in my demos as well. I even promised to put it on my blog during the weekend…which I guess was a couple of days ago…but anyhow…here it is…

It did turn out a bit on the heavy side at 3mbs, but I guess we all have fast connections now…

Code: UnitTesting.Demos.zip (3.05 mb)

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