Another day, another TechEd

Once again, I was lucky enough to get a spot as a speaker at TechEd USA. This year, I am speaking about the SOLID principles, and about ASP.NET Web API. So far, I have managed to get one talk under my belt, and I personally think it went well!

An interesting, and kind of sucky part about TechEd this year is the fact that it has been sold out, and put in a location where there is not enough even enough room for everyone to attend the keynote sessions. Speakers were asked to not attend it, but instead watch it in one of the “overflow rooms”. Unfortunately, even these seemed to overflow. So I watched the keynote on a big screen TV in the exhibition area.


Code from my TechEd talk about SOLID

Ok, so I thought I would upload the code from my TechEd presentation about the SOLID principles here. But before you go and download it, I want to mention that it is a contrived example, and that it might not be “proper” SOLID in all places. However, that is what you get when you have to present an application, and go through all the SOLID principles using it, in 1 hour and 15 minutes… Winking smile

Code available here: (538.16 kb)

I got to leave my mark on TechEd US

As you probably know, TechEd US has just passed. I didn’t get to go (like always), but I did get to make my mark on the conference. I got to build one of the apps that Microsoft demoed on stage. I have actually built a bunch of demo apps for Microsoft and their conferences the last year. At some point, I will actually try to find them at some point a post some videos of them here. But they involve a CRM demo with a phone company, a SharePoint demo with a racing team and some other bits and pieces. Anyhow…this year my demo was a Word add-in, and my personal opinion about this project, before it got started, was that it sucked. I I’m not very fond of building Word add-ins as you might have guessed.