Windows Phone 7 Beta tools installation problem

A wee while back, I installed the new WP7 beta tools on my machine. I then started to rewrite the code for my push notification stuff to use the new beta APIs. And everything went fine until I pressed F5 to try and run it. At that point, it spewed out an exception saying

"Connection failed because of invalid command line arguments"

Apparently, I wasn’t alone to have this problem. A quick Google came up with several forum threads and interesting potential solutions.

The problem only arises if you had the previous phone tools installed and the reason is that he emulator creates a directory to store information in. Unfortunately, this directory isn’t removed when the old tools are removed. The good thing is that removing it fixes the issue. So if you run into the error message above, go to %LocalAppData%/Microsoft/ and delete the Phone Tools directory. Then restart the emulator, and it should be running nicely…

Windows Phone 7 Push Notifications Revisited

A couple of weeks ago…ehh…well…let’s at least call it a couple of weeks ago (it might have been longer to be honest) I posted a blog post about using push notification on the Windows Phone 7 platform. It included more or less everything you needed to start sending push notifications on the pre-beta version of the platform.

However, about a week ago (once again…+- a couple of days) Microsoft released the new beta version of the developer tools as well as the emulator. And I assume they also pushed I to the lucky bastards that already have phones.

In this new beta, they have changed the API for the notifications, and hence destroyed my previous code. So I have updated my sample to use the new tools and the new APIs. So here I go again…