Tech-knowledge in approximately 100 pages

A while back a company called Syncfusion contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in trying out one of their Metro Studio, which is a brilliant tool for anyone doing “Modern UI” development (WP7/8 or Windows 8 Store applications). It is basically a massive icon library that fit straight into the Modern UI look and feel, and offers some cool abilities to resize them and so on. And to be completely honest, if I did a bit more WP dev than I am at the moment, I would not want to spend a day with out it. As soon as I do any WP8 development, I keep starting it up to quickly get some icons for my app.

However, that is NOT the reason I am doing this blog post… While browsing around their website looking for a simple way to download Metro Studio after a re-install of my machine, I stumbled upon a “Resources” section of their web, which is great. It includes a bunch of free whitepapers about different things, as well as a bunch of free e-books.