Going green…a.k.a. “Hello tretton37!”

As of this Monday, I’m officially working as a ninja at tretton37 in Stockholm. And for those of you who don’t speak Swedish, tretton37 means thirteen37, which is just an awesome name for an IT company.

So what is a ninja? Well, it is pretty much just an IT consultant as such, but the company doesn’t like the idea of that word. At least in Sweden, it has basically been reduced to be the same as a hired resource. The word consultant isn’t about consulting, giving advice and offering knowledge anymore. So to mitigate that, the common name for a person that works at tretton37 is “ninja”. The focus is to give our clients more than just a resource that can code. It’s about more than that. It’s about giving tips and ideas, and go beyond just building something, and instead take a bigger responsibility for the solution. Making sure that we do our best to give the client what they need and not just what they ask for. It’s about listening to what they want to accomplish, and not what they want us to build.

This view of what we should be doing correlates well with my own view on what we should be doing. So I’m very excited to be here, and hopefully there are some cool projects for me here in the future. With some happy clients at the end…

While I wait for that though…I’ll take this chance to catch up on some blogging and things, with the goal being that my blog will once again be a living thing that actually provides value.