Code from my MVVM presentation at DevSum14

During my MVVM presentation yesterday, I promised to upload the code to my blog. So here it is! Go ahead and run the application, put some breakpoints in there and see what is actually happening. It should give you a good baseline for a simple, and small “pay for play” MVVM framework. And if you have any questions, Just ask them in the comments, or via e-mail or Twitter…

Download: (517.57 kb)

Code from my testing presentation

Last week, I had the honor of having been invited to present my thoughts on testing at a IT consultant agency here in Stockholm. And even if I looked forward to it, and felt privileged to be allowed to share my view with these other devs, I still felt a bit hesitant. I was still going to step in front of a bunch of devs and present a somewhat less glorifying view on testing than you normally get. Not that I am all against testing, definitely not, but I do have a somewhat looser view on what, when and how to test software than say for example you regular TDD guy…

Walking in to the presentation, I had material for about an hour of presenting, and hoped to maybe extend it to an hour and a half with discussions and debate (I did hope for a lot of discussion as it was really the goal of my presentation). However, it turned out that after an hour and a half, we had a break for food, and then I kept going a bit more. I think we ended the session after almost 3 hours, even though I think it could probably been longer if I had pushed my points a bit more to the extreme than I did.


Sample code from my LEAP presentation about cross-framework code sharing

Yesterday I was invited to speak in front of a bunch of really sharp guys attending the Lead Enterprise Architecture Program, LEAP, at Microsoft here in Stockholm. The topic of the day was how to share code between projects targeting multiple frameworks/platforms. Basically “how can we share code between projects aimed at WP7, Windows 8, Silverlight and WPF” in a useful way, limiting the duplication of code as well as maintenance.

Most of my presentation revolved around a sample I had written to target all platforms. It is a very simple application, but still shows that it is very possible to get it to work.


Code for the SLAMD session tonight

Tonight, I presented a talk about MVVM “in the real world” at the Silverlight and Mobile Developer user group on Wellington.

For those of you who were there, I am sorry that it wasn’t better organized. I just ended up with way too much work the last 2 weeks, so I didn’t have enough time to structure it all enough. I decided that it was more important to get the code built than to have a  lot of PowerPoint slides.

As I did promise, I you can download the code below and I have also added the IDispatchService that I talked about as well. It will give you the ability to marshal execution back to the UI thread from a ViewModel. Just call IDispatchService.BeginInvoke() and pass in a lambda expression or a method to execute on the UI thread.

For those of you who weren’t at the user group, or were there and thought that what I said was completely impossible to understand, I just want to explain what is in the download.