I got to leave my mark on TechEd US

As you probably know, TechEd US has just passed. I didn’t get to go (like always), but I did get to make my mark on the conference. I got to build one of the apps that Microsoft demoed on stage. I have actually built a bunch of demo apps for Microsoft and their conferences the last year. At some point, I will actually try to find them at some point a post some videos of them here. But they involve a CRM demo with a phone company, a SharePoint demo with a racing team and some other bits and pieces. Anyhow…this year my demo was a Word add-in, and my personal opinion about this project, before it got started, was that it sucked. I I’m not very fond of building Word add-ins as you might have guessed.


Using SharePoint thmx files to style Silverlight

A couple of weeks ago, I requested to build a code sample for Microsoft. It was supposed to make it possible to restyle a Silverlight application based on a SharePoint 2010 theme. In SharePoint 2010, theming is based on OpenXML, and saved as files with an extension of “thmx”.

But I guess the first question would be WHY you would use a huge thmx file just to restyle a Silverlight application… Well, imagine that you are building Silverlight applications that are to be used inside a SharePoint application. Imagine how nice it would be if the Silverlight applications would change appearance if you changed the theme of the SharePoint site. That way, changing the theme would not be a problem, and would not cause a whole lot of rework.