DotNetRocks with Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell

A while back, at NDC Oslo, I was approached by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell regarding joining them for an episode of their podcast DotNetRocks. Obviously I said yes without hesitating! Who wouldn’t!? Unfortunately there were some scheduling problems, so we couldn’t do it during NDC. So instead, we did it over Skype a week or so later. And it has now finally been published on the DotNetRocks website.

The topic for the episode is the SOLID principles, which I have been talking about at quite a few conferences now. It was nice talking about these principles under these relaxed circumstances, without getting some of the flaming that I get ever so often for being a bit too pragmatic about the whole thing. Hopefully people will enjoy listening to it, and get some thoughts and ideas about how to work with SOLID in there projects. So go ahead and have a listen at

Code from my TechEd talk about SOLID

Ok, so I thought I would upload the code from my TechEd presentation about the SOLID principles here. But before you go and download it, I want to mention that it is a contrived example, and that it might not be “proper” SOLID in all places. However, that is what you get when you have to present an application, and go through all the SOLID principles using it, in 1 hour and 15 minutes… Winking smile

Code available here: (538.16 kb)