ASP.NET 5 demo code from SweNug

As promised during my talk at SweNug Stockholm last week, I have now uploaded my code for anyone to play around with. I just want to highlight that it is based around VERY early bits, and new versions might cause problems. It is built using runtime 1.0.0-beta5-11533. But even if it changes, the code should give you a clue about how it works.

Code is available here: ASP.NET 5 (714.47 kb)

The code from my SweNug presentation about what OWIN is, and why it matters…

Most of you can ignore this post completely! But if you attended SweNug today (September 10th), you know that I promised to publish my code. So here it is!

Code: (2.30 mb)

I’m sorry for the ridiculous size of the download, but all the solutions have NuGet package restore enabled, which places an exe to restore NuGet packages in the project. This exe is quite sizable, so the download gets a bit large. On the other hand, including all the NuGet packages would make it even larger…

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

The code from my SweNug presentation in Linköping

Here is the code from the demos I did yesterday at the SweNug meeting in Linköping. Or at least the pre-made code that I didn’t invent while talking…which I hope wasn’t too much…

Code: (69.20 kb)

Anyhow, download it and walk through it, and ask any questions that might pop-up.

The video will be available later on when Pierre has figured out a way to get it “produced”…