We need AI now! Even Arnold will do!

Earlier this week, I got a link to a blog post that I for some reason just loved. I also managed, for some reason, to etch itself in the back of my mind. It is about the fact that due to human nature, and the that we have pretty much secured our survival and don’t need to fight to survive anymore, we are turning into a self-destructive and delusional species that try to turn unimportant things into important things just to give ourselves a reason to exist.

My short version of it however doe not do it any justice, so I suggested heading over and reading it in full here: http://phirate.posterous.com/weve-been-alone-too-long

It sort of sat there in the back of my mind, gnawing a little on me ever so often, until I found this: https://secure.mysociety.org/admin/lists/pipermail/developers-public/2011-October/007647.html