Another user group meeting

Next Wednesday, October 20th, I will be presenting at the .NET user group here in Wellington again. This time the talk is all about smooth streaming (same talk as I presented at TechEd NZ). It covers everything from encoding your media, to publishing it on your server and of course also how to consume it from Silverlight. It will also be covering how to get your first live smooth streaming event going.

The talk does, as you can see, cover a wide array of things that has to do with smooth streaming. And to make it even broader, I will show off the Rough Cut Editor (an open source rough video editing tool built in Silverlight). And it would of course not be complete with out touching the cloud. So to finish it off, I will show you how you can deliver smooth streaming media out of Azure blob storage. A very cost effective and good way to share your media.

So if you are in Wellington, or close by, feel free to drop by if it sounds interesting. More information is available here:

The application from the Wellington Silverlight User Group

Hi! For those of you who attended the Silverlight User Group meeting yesterday, and saw my presentation on data bindings in Silverlight, here is the sample application zipped up and ready. For those of you who have no clue what I am talking about, and instead wonder where the last part of the Twitter client is, I’m sorry! I have been up to my eyeballs in stuff lately… Work, presentations at the Wellington Web Meetup and the Wellington Silverlight User Group and so on. I promise I will try to get it online as soon as possible. Hopefully early next week…

But here is the code at least… (369.84 kb)

Hmm…that file got grossly bloated…sorry about that. It just has a bunch of compilation crap in it…but hey…bandwidth is free…ohh…that’s right, I’m in New Zealand where you for some !£$%@# don’t have flat rates on broadband…

Oh…and I forgot…the cool framework I was talking about is here