Who am I?

My name is Chris Klug and I'm currently working as a ninja/developer badass-as-a-service for a Swedish company called Active Solution.

I started working as a web developer in the beginning of 2000 and over the years, I have worked as a developer and a designer, as well as a Microsoft trainer. I have been involved in a multitude of different projects in different areas, including areas as wide apart as on-line sports betting systems and professional sail racing.

A couple of years ago I changed direction and started working as a technical trainer, a change that started out with me working as a Microsoft Certified Trainer for a CPLS in Stockholm. After about a year, I switched employer and started working as a technical trainer for a Swedish company called EPiServer. Working for EPiServer, I taught developers in Sweden, as well as around the world, how to develop for EPiServer, which is a CMS system built on the .NET framework.

I also had the great joy of being part of Microsoft Extended Experts Team. MEET is a group of talented, Swedish developers and IT technicians who speak about different Microsoft technologies at developer conferences around Sweden, Europe and the world (mostly Sweden).
After a couple of years of teaching, I thought it was time to get back to work as a developer and moved to Wellington to work at a company called Intergen, which has a great team of developers involved in wide variety of really cool projects using leading edge technologies. It was not a hard a decision to make to move to the other side of the world, and offered me a couple of years awesomeness. The fact that Wellington has an average wind speed of 16 knots, which is perfect for kite surfing, did of course not make the decision harder.

Intergen offered me a lot of cool projects, many for Microsoft US, and even though my name is not in any of the code-samples, demos or applications that we created, I still know that I was there... :)

After a couple of years in New Zealand, I found that it was time to get back to Sweden. This caused me and my wife to move back to Stockholm.