Another good conference at an end

So, here I am sitting at the speakers lounge at DevConnections at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas after another great conference. It is amazing the level American conferences keep. The speakers are great, the conferences are well organized and everything just flows. And it is pretty cool to be able to share the speakers lounge with people like John Papa, Dan Wahlin, Paul Litvin, Juval Löwy and Scott Hanselman. It is also very humbling. These presenters are really the cream of the crop, and I am still kind of wondering what I did here. But I got to do it, and had a lot of fun, so I won’t complain.

The conference offered some really good sessions about JavaScript, XAML based apps as well as some very interesting keynotes. And I think the main take away from this experience is that I am going to give JavaScript a chance. It seems like the tools are catching up, and that there are more people out there than me who wants more structure, and thus more and more frameworks are popping up to help out with this. It is a VERY powerful language, I admit that, but power is nothing without control. Being able to blow up a whole building is pretty useless unless you can actually aim at the right building…

So with that in mind, I am going to get Douglas Crockford’s book “JavaScript: The Good Parts” (thanks John Papa for the suggestion), learn the ins and out of the language and get a better understanding of it, and then get my head stuck into Knockout and JavaScript-based MVVM. And I guess I can’t deny it now that it is in writing on my blog, but I guess I have to accept that the best tool don’t always win…

All there is left to do now is to pack up my stuff and get on a plane back to Sweden. If everything works out as it should, I will be back in 24 hours…

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Great to read those backstage reports from the conference! Good work!

A friend of mine recommended that javascript book, according to him it is a really really great one! Just to confirm John Papa's recommendation that is... Wink

The Knockout JS is cool! I've watched a couple of screencasts and arranged a "Lunch & Learn" a couple of months ago, but unfortunately I haven't tried it out more since then. It looked great though, and add to that me being more or less in love with the MVVM pattern Smile  

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