Phone Zero to Phone Hero in 60 minutes

As some of you might have seen/heard, I am speaking at TechEd New Zealand and TechEd Australia the coming two weeks. This is the reason for my blog being kind of quiet lately, I have just had a bit too much to do.

One of the presentations I am doing, is presented together with Chris Auld and is called "Phone Zero to Phone Hero in 60 minutes". It is a  "double feature presentation" with two projectors, two computers, two presenters and two applications. And at the end of the presentation, the two applications come together to form a Windows Phone 7 application backed by an Azure service.

We have finally got all of it built and up and running, so I thought I would give you a sneak peak of what is to come.

The application is called GearSnatcher, and lets you browse discount deals on outdoor equipment from several on-line stores. It also uses a live tile and push notification functionality to notify the user when new deals arrive.

Here is a view of the live tile, which unfortunately in this picture is not showing a product. You just have to imagine a picture with a title and a number in the top right corner. We use the number in the top right corner to show the discount percentage.

Home Screen

When you start the application, you are faced with the following page that shows off some of the current hot dealsDeal of the Day

If you slide to the right, you get to see the categories available in the catalogue at the moment.


After having selected the category, you choose a sub category and are then faced with the below screen, which is a list of the products in the selected category. It uses a pivot control to sort the products based on product name, brand name or current discount

Browse by Brand

After selecting the product you are interested in, you get to see a picture of the product and the information available about it. (In this case the jacket Chris Auld just bought through the app…in YELLOW of course)

Product View 

Clicking the "purchase" button at the bottom of the product screen, takes you to the product page on store's website.

Product in Cart

From there on, you go through checkout as you normally would…


That's it for now...

If you can't go to TechEd NZ or Aus, don't worry, both Chris Auld and me will cover more of it on our blogs after the conferences.

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Good stuff Chris^2 - looking forward to it.

You guys are intense! Loved your presentation... am still trying to digest it.

Hey Tim!
Thanks, it means a lot!

I just watched the live Teched session on:

You Mentioned the demo source code would be available on this URL. No rush, just very interested in giving it a go.

Hi Rob!
I have put some of my code in a blog post now. We will however not be publishing all the code as the application is going to go public and be put on the Windows phone 7 Marketplace as soon as it launches...


Is a video archive of your session available? I can't find one on the Tech*Ed Australia or New Zealand 2010 sites.

Thanks in advance,

Roger Jennings
OakLeaf Blog

Hi Roger!
I don't think they have been published yet. They should however come online soon...

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