A bragging post...

Once in a while you do get the possiblity to do something that is gonna be seen by the developer community more than others things you do. This week I got to create my first screencast for Microsoft Sweden. It turned into a WAY too long screencast covering basic development in Silverlight 2.0. Beside being shown and talked about on a couple of different blogs on the web, I also had the privilege of getting mentioned in the Swedish MSDN newsletter. So as I said...a pure brag entry telling the world that I got to do something cool. Unfortunately for all the enlish speaking people out there, the newsletter as well as my screencast is in swedish. But for the rest of you here are a couple of places where you can see or read about it:
Somebody actually cares...maybe...might be that i know both Robert and Per and that they are just being nice to me...but I don't give a damn...I...Chris Klug was mentioned on the world wide web by other people than my family...

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