Build Windows Keynote

At the moment, I am sitting at the back of a jam-packed room waiting for the Build keynote to begin. The room has 6 massive displays counting down the time to the start of the keynote…13:23 left…

It sounds severely geeky, but you can really feel the anticipation I the air! I am SOOOO happy that I am not doing the keynote. But hopefully they have something good enough to wow the crowd! Otherwise I would consider going on stage a suicide mission. People would rip MSFT a new one. So my expectations are high!

However, we have still not heard anything about anything! All we know so far is that the whole day is in the same MASSIVE room and the “sessions” are all called “Big Picture”.

My guess for the day…? Well, I would expect a ridiculous amount of talk about multiple connected device, and cloud based services. And the word of the day will most likely be “end-user experience”, which I think is really good. As long as Microsoft doesn’t try to copy Apple too much… It’s a fine line…

Well, time to listen to what they have to say!

PS: Sorry for having made several posts with no information at all… But it just shows you what the situation is here!

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