Software Passion Summit – Smooth Streaming

Today I got to do my smooth streaming presentation here at Software Passion Summit. It is a presentation I personally love to present, but apparently there aren’t a lot of people who are interested in the topic…at least not here. The room wasn’t really full, but for those who were there, I promised to put a little code on my blog for download. So here it is: (21.93 kb).

If there are any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. Unfortunately the setup for the Microsoft Media Platform Video Editor is a bit complicated, so I can’t just zip it up and give it to you. But if you are really keen to have that as well, and find the information about it a little confusing, let me know and I will help out. I might even do a blog post about it as well…

As for the excellent tool I used for looking at my Azure storage, it is called Cloud Storage Studio, and is HIGHLY recommended. I wouldn’t consider working with Azure storage without it.

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