Software Passion Summit – Service Bus talk, code and ppt

Today I presented an introduction to the Azure Service bus here at Software Passion Summit. As a part of that presentation, I promised to upload the code and PPT to the blog, which is what I am doing here. I am pretty sure that the PPT is pretty useless as it contains very little useful information, but I thought I would put it here anyway.

One little note though. To be able to test the code, you have to get your own Service bus namespace as I have removed my details from the code. Reason? Well, I only have limited free usage of the bus, and I really don’t feel like getting a big bill because someone wrote some code that hammered my namespace with requests… I hope that is understandable…

And the other tool I mentioned during the session that can look at Service bus queues and stuff is called “Service Bus Explorer” and can be found at It is a useful piece of software that I suggest having a wee play with if you decide to start using the Service Bus…

Download: Introduction to Azure Service (210.10 kb)

BTW: It requires the Azure SDK to be installed…

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Ryan CrawCour 3/20/2012 6:31:25 AM

Excellent Introduction to Service Bus. Simple. Short. Clear. Succinct. I might "borrow" this for future sessions myself, if you don't mind Smile

No problem Ryan! Good you like it! But I do it much better in person, so you should make sure to get me into TechEd NZ... Smile

Ryan CrawCour 4/25/2012 2:48:52 AM

call for content for TechEd NZ opens REAL SOON! so make sure you submit your content. I "know" the track owner, so can put in a good word for you.

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